Concerts You Have Missed Vol. 6 No. 2

A celebratory concert for Beethoven’s 250th anniversary, where excerpts of Beethoven’s Third, Fifth, Sixth and Ninth Symphonies were featured.

Selected photos by renowned photographer Dr Eddy Li were projected on stage during the concert.

The concert concluded with a spectacular Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony’s fourth movement, with soloists Warren Mok, Louise Kwong, Carol Lin and Apollo Wong accompanied by a hundred-person chorus under the baton of Leung Kin Fung. 

Bel Canto Singers presented a new “Opera with a twist” – an interesting take on Puccini’s operas with a creative storyline. The main character, a (fictional) famous painter called Puccini, was working on a painting that would reveal the identity of his true love. But that intrigued the people who were close to him, who were particularly eager to find out who would be the lover before the painting was revealed. Many of Puccini’s well-known operatic works complemented the new opera as the story developed and the audience, at the same time, could enjoy the entertaining dialogue between songs.

Anyone interested will be pleased to know that this will be streamed online for free until the end of January 2021. More details are available at