Concerts You Have Missed Vol. 5 No. 1

Entitled Metamorphosis, the song recital told of personal stories of Carol Lin, mezzo-soprano, through repertoire ranging from Schubert, Mahler, Gounod to Frank Bridge. Carol was charming, communicative and moving which gave rise to a captivating performance.

For this occasion, pianist Julie Kuok composed a song based on kung fu legend Bruce Lee’s famous quote “Be Water My Friend”. Violist Ringo Chan joined Carol and Julie for the Three Songs for medium voice, viola and piano by Frank Bridge. The concert also marked the first time that the three musicians performed on the same stage together. It was a full-house concert and the artists had to arrange an additional recital on the following day to satisfy the demand of the audience.

A delightful concert that featured ensembles of professional harmonica players in Hong Kong. The genre of music showed a great deal of variety, spanning across classical, folk, Latin American and even pop music.

Highlights included performance by RedBricks, an international prize-winning harmonica ensemble, and Duo Volce (Kiann Chow, violin and Harry Choi, harmonica). An interpretation with much vitality and variety showcased the vast exciting possibilities of the brass instrument. Musicians interacted with the audience together also enlightened the overall concert experience.