Highlights of Vantage Vol. 4 No. 3 issue:

We are delighted to get to know more about Hong Kong foremost composer/pianist Kuok Julie. She was partnering with mezzo soprano Carol Lin and violist Ringo Chan for their concert “Metamorphosis”.

We visited violinist So-Ock Kim and her husband Steven Smith, co-Managing director of John & Arthur Beare in London and our readers will be able to understand more about the renowned fine string instrument experts.

Pianist Andrew West also shared his exciting musical journey with us.

Special thanks Dr. Colin Huehns for contributing an interesting article about arts and music on two poems from the Book of Songs, an important compilation of ancient Chinese poetry.

Interview with Julie Kuok
Interview at J&A Beare
Conversation with pianist Andrew West
Two Poems from The Books of Songs
Viennese Legacy Programme Preview
Concerts You Have Missed - Vantage Vol. 4 No. 3
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Highlights of Vantage Vol. 4 No. 2 issue:

Our long-awaited interview with legendary pianist Byron Janis and his wife Maria Janis will be released in this issue. Readers will enjoy their exclusive stories about Horowitz, Heifetz, and Chopin.

In September 2018, we met Taiwanese pianist Chun-Chieh Yen in Hong Kong. It was fascinating to get to know his musical journey so far and experience with his late teacher Vladimir Krainev.

Special thanks also to pianist Tomasz Lis for contributing an article once again.

Interview with Chun-Chieh Yen
Conversation with Byron and Maria Janis
The Dilemma of an Artistic Self
In Search of Silence
Viennese Legacy Programme Preview
Concerts You Have Missed
Concerts You Have Missed - Vantage Vol. 4 No. 2
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Highlights of Vantage Vol. 4 No. 1 issue:

This time, we are very fortunate to be able to get to know three international artists across Europe, Asia and the US: conductor Jimmy Chiang in Vienna, harpsichordist Virginia Black in Hong Kong and pianist Daniil Trifonov in California.

Special thanks to Vantage’s US correspondent, pianist Tamami Honma and Vantage Music Artists for making all these happen.

Interview with Jimmy Chiang
Conversation with Danill Trifonov
Analysis on Bach's WTC1
Dialogue with Virginia Black
Viennese Legacy Programme Preview
Concerts You Have Missed - Vantage Vol. 4 No. 1
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Highlights of Vantage Vol. 3 No. 3 issue:

* An Interview with pianist, Kristian Chong
* Our US correspondent Tamami Honma’s article on Art and Music Part II
* A dialogue with Hong Kong’s foremost flautist Matthew Wu & his wife Monique Pong, founder of Music Children Foundation, to talk about their respective musical path

Interview with Kristian Chong
Dialogue with Matthew Wu & Monique Pong
Art & Music Part II
Beethoven in France
2018.05 Fournier Trio
Concerts You Have Missed - Vantage Vol. 3 No. 3
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Highlights of Vantage Vol. 3 No. 2 issue – an Interview with Fournier Trio for their upcoming debut at Carnegie Hall.

We are also excited that internationally-acclaimed pianist Tamami Honma has agreed to be Vantage’s US correspondent to create quality contents for our readers. In this issue, she has contributed an article on Art and Music.

Together with violinist Julian Brown, they altogether had an interesting conversation with violin virtuoso Maxim Vengerov on performing, conducting and the première of a violin concerto by Chinese composer Qigang Chen.

Interview with Fournier Trio
Conversation with Maxim Vengerov
Art & Music Part I
Viennese Legacy
In Pursuit of Bach Urtext
Concerts You Have Missed - Vantage Vol. 3 No. 2
Student Submission

Seventh Issue – Sep 2017, Vol. 3 No. 1

  • Interview with composer Fung Lam of HK Phil
  • Dialogue with musicologist Professor Daniel Chua of HKU
  • Analysis on Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier
  • Patronage in Music and Arts
  • Articles on musicians’ common injuries and prevention
  • Snapshots of Vantage Music Artists’ New York Tour

Sixth Issue – May 2017, Vol. 2 No. 3

A cover story of one of the Hong Kong foremost singers, Carol Lin; An interview with cellist Professor Alan Harris Harris from Eastman School of Music as a prequel to his concert and masterclass in August in Hong Kong; An analysis on Bach’s play of dissonance and Articles on Shakespeare and Nietzsche.

Fifth Issue – Jan 2017, Vol. 2 No. 2

The January 2017 issue of Vantage presents a cover story on pianist Choi Sown-Le: A life in Music, together with an interview with his good friend Lau Siu-Ming on music and art. The Paris-based Thymos Quartet will also tell us more about their upcoming Tour in China.

Do let us know if you’d like copies of the past issues!